Regarding the Nov. 24 news story about a dog from New Orleans who found an adoptive home in Maryland:

This dog, formerly named Zydeco, was rescued from his home by the Washington Animal Rescue League and transferred to its shelter in Washington. While I commend the couple for adopting a dog from a shelter, and I appreciate the league's efforts to rescue pets in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I am concerned that Zydeco might have a family searching for him.

I recently helped a Katrina evacuee reclaim her beagle, whom she was forced to leave in New Orleans. Chat was spotted by his family on a TV news station Web site in a story about the rescue league. The dog had been placed in a new home after being transferred to a breed rescue group.

During my work to get Chat home, it appeared to me that the league staff were returning from Louisiana with pets that they had not posted in the database that had been created to help owners find their pets. Instead, they were finding them new homes.

Chat got his happy ending, but I'm concerned about hurricane victims who want to be reunited with their beloved pets. The Washington Animal Rescue League needs to put all the animals taken from the hurricane area into the Animal Emergency Response Network database so that families searching for these pets can find them.


San Diego