The Nov. 20 front-page article "Iraq War Debate Eclipses All Other Issues" quoted me as saying, "I feel like every morning, I wake up, get a concrete block and have to walk around with it all day." Unfortunately, the wording of the article made it appear I was speaking about the war in Iraq. I was not.

I believe we must win in Iraq because it is vital to the safety of all Americans. The concrete block I referred to is the Democratic Party, whose obstruction and distortions on the war on terrorism are hindering progress.


U.S. Senator (R-S.C.)


Tom Fox's reported comments in the Dec. 1 Metro section, "Too many are willing to die for war and too few are willing to die for peace," seem to insult every member of the military serving in Iraq.

It's the desire for peace and hatred of conflict that motivate soldiers to risk everything, as they have in Iraq, in hopes of attaining a level of freedom for others there. As many Republicans struggle with what our leadership has perpetrated in the Middle East, it serves no purpose for the naive to play down the fortitude and heroism of our troops.


Chevy Chase