I hope Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R), Montgomery County Executive Douglas M. Duncan (D) and those members of the Montgomery County Council who are pushing for the path of the intercounty connector on the proposed southern route will read your article on stormwater runoff and pavement's effects on streams ["Silent Streams," Magazine, Nov. 27].

Maybe this will finally persuade them to heed what the Environmental Protection Agency stated in a letter in response to the draft environmental impact statement: that there is no way to build a road along the southern route that will protect Rock Creek and four watersheds that become the Anacostia River. The connector will add six lanes of pavement from which fast-running and toxic pollutant-laden storm runoff will shoot into five watersheds and a special stream protection area while eliminating the natural mitigation of about 800 acres of protective trees.

The EPA did offer to help the Maryland State Highway Administration modify the proposed northern route so environmental damage would be minimized, if the residents of Montgomery and Prince George's counties really think this east-west road is the solution to their traffic problems.

Millions of dollars of taxpayers' money have already been spent in an effort to restore the streams and wetlands along the southern route. Please, stop wasting taxpayers' money and increasing the threat to the environment and their health from contaminated water.


Silver Spring