Mustangs Still Sell

Your Dec. 2 Business section had a story by Sholnn Freeman regarding slow sales of sport-utility vehicles and included a photo with a caption that read: "A long line of Ford Mustangs sits idle at an agency in Broomfield, Colo." Your Business editors should do some research: Ford is having no problem whatsoever selling Mustangs.

-- Kerry Achilli

Lewiston, N.Y.

The Truth About Ricky Rector

I am dismayed when journalists ["The Politics of Punishment," op-ed, Dec. 2] unfairly characterize then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton's decision in 1992 to allow the execution of Ricky Ray Rector. Yes, Rector had an IQ of 70, but this was not a case -- as death penalty opponents seem to imply -- of a mentally retarded person unknowingly committing a crime because of his infirmity. Rector suffered his brain damage only because he shot himself in the head after killing a police officer (and another man).

It's a variation of the proverbial defendant killing his parents and then seeking the court's mercy because he's an orphan.

-- John Schachter


Don't Bank on It

Kirstin Downey [Business, Dec. 6] writes, "Buyers who fall behind in their payments generally lose their homes to foreclosure, with the lender taking ownership of the property." That is wildly incorrect. Mortgage lenders do anything they can to avoid foreclosing on homes. Most loans that become delinquent are never foreclosed on. I suggest that Downey call the Mortgage Bankers Association for more information.

-- Mark Stamm


The writer is president of Greater Atlantic Mortgage Corp.

Shopping by Rowboat?

The Dec. 3 Metro article "Shopper's Food Store Adopts Latin Flavor" stated that "El Primero Mercado will have . . . isles stocked with Latin foods." I can't wait to shop there, but first I'll need to know how grocery shoppers will be able to reach the "isles." Will the store provide rowboats or canoes instead of carts?

-- Rhonda Chocha


How to Look 'American'

Robin Givhan's account [Style, Dec. 2] of Saddam Hussein's court attire is yet another example of Givhan's excessive fantasies and subjective dictates. She actually expects us to believe that when wearing a suit, especially without a tie, the dresser is dressing "American"? Give me a break!

-- Gil N. Garcia

Harpers Ferry, W.Va.

Blame GM, Not Us

David Ignatius [op-ed, Dec. 2] suggests that the crackup of GM is a "snapshot of where we're all heading," and that we need to spend $180 billion to "stimulate the transition" to a new industrial paradigm. Having grown up in a GM family in Michigan, I almost wish that the problem was with America, but it's not. It's with GM, which, for too many years, has been "sitting on its duff" and is now solely responsible for what may prove to be its death spiral.

Yes, it's a tough world out there, but many other U.S. industries have prevailed by responding to the competition. What GM needs to do is build cars that people want to drive. What we don't need is for Washington to step into the driver's seat of the auto industry.

-- Matthew B. Van Hook


Saddam Hussein at trial on Tuesday.