Regarding the pair of Metro articles that appeared on Feb. 16 under the headline, "The Voices of the Va. Episcopal Schism":

The vast majority of Episcopalians in Virginia, in the United States and perhaps even in the worldwide Anglican Communion would object to our bishop, Peter James Lee, being labeled "a foe of traditionalists." In fact, the articles mistakenly combined "traditional" with "conservative" and "charismatic." As The Post reported in a Jan. 4 front-page article, the breakaway parishes in Virginia have been moving away from traditional Episcopal doctrine and practice for over 30 years.

Bishop Lee has upheld Anglican tradition and now must turn to the courts to do the same. There is absolutely nothing in Anglican-Episcopal tradition allowing a congregation to demand property held in trust for the entire church. Nor is there any place in our tradition for disobedient priests to become bishops in African churches claiming authority over the Episcopal Church.



Grace Episcopal Church



"The Voices of the Va. Episcopal Schism" should have been "Voice" of the schism. I kept waiting to hear the other side, only to read two sides of the same opinion. To represent Bishop Peter James Lee as moderate when he opposes the ordination of gay men and lesbians or even the blessing of same-sex unions is misleading.

The only area in which Bishop Lee appears to differ from the Rev. Martyn Minns is over who owns title to church property. But this is a symptom of the real schism and the result of heated arguments on both sides.