Following is a table listing the major segments of American society that were rated in a survey by Potomac Associates. Respondents were asked whether they had "a great deal" of confidence, "a fair amount," "not very much," or "none at all" in the various segments.

The range of the scoring is from 0 to 100: "a great deal" answers were scored at 100 points; "a fair amount" at two-thirds of 100; "not very much" at one-third; and "none at all" at 0.

Any score above the midpoint of 50 indicates at least a minimum of "a fair amount" of trust and confidence; anything below suggests a lack of trust and confidence, or no trust and confidence at all.(TABLE) (COLUMN)1972(COLUMN)1974(COLUMN)1976 1. American people(COLUMN)n/a(COLUMN)71(COLUMN)70 2. Military leadership(COLUMN)n/a(COLUMN)n/a(COLUMN)68 3. Young people(COLUMN)67(COLUMN)69(COLUMN)67 4. American system(COLUMN)n/a(COLUMN)68(COLUMN)66 5. Mass media(COLUMN)60(COLUMN)60(COLUMN)62 6. State government(COLUMN)60(COLUMN)64(COLUMN)61 7. FBI(COLUMN)n/a(COLUMN)n/a(COLUMN)60 8. Federal judiciary(COLUMN)60(COLUMN)62(COLUMN)59 9. Local government(COLUMN)57(COLUMN)61(COLUMN)57 Politicians(COLUMN)58(COLUMN)58(COLUMN)57 11. Federal legislature(COLUMN)62(COLUMN)59(COLUMN)55 Federal executive(COLUMN)67(COLUMN)45(COLUMN)55 13. Business and industry(COLUMN)55(COLUMN)54(COLUMN)54 14. Government officials generally(COLUMN)n/a(COLUMN)50(COLUMN)53 Federal government (International)(COLUMN)66(COLUMN)67(COLUMN)53 16. Federal government (Domestic)(COLUMN)61(COLUMN)52(COLUMN)50 17. CIA(COLUMN)n/a(COLUMN)n/a(COLUMN)48 18. Labor unions(COLUMN)47(COLUMN)51(COLUMN)45(END TABLE)