The powerful commander of the Peking military region, Chen Hsi-lien, came under wall poster attack yesterday as signs of political unrest in China continued to grow.

Chen, the most senior officer in the Chinese army, and No. 4 leader of the Communist Party, was the second ruling Politburo member to be chastised by Peking wall posters in demonstrations commemorating the anniversary of the death of Premier Chou En-lai, a Western correspondent in Peking reported. The attacks on Chen, considered a key military backer of party Chairman Hua Kuo-feng; were far more surprising than those earlier on Peking Mayor Wu Teh.

Western news services said one poster, demanded that Chen and Wu be transferred from Peking and alleged that they clung to the coattails of disgraced radical leaders, including Mao Tse-tung's widow, Chiang Ching.

A wall poster made four demands of Hua's new administration construction of a mausoleum for Chou like that now under way for Mao, the rehabilitation of former Vice Premier Teng Hsiao-ping, an investigation of the suppression of last April's pro-Hua riots in Peking and the inclusion of fottage of Teng in a recently released movie tribute to Hua.

The demonstrations this weekend appear to be pushing Hua and the Polit bura toward some decision on Teng's rehabilitation and a reappraisal of the riots last April that led to his purge from the government.