Arlington School Supt. Larry Cuban, recommended last night that the school board further study Fairlington and Page elementary schools for possible closing.

The two schools were selected from a list of four elementary school candidates to be considered for closing. Custis Elementary was dropped as a candidate last night at a school board work session. for Myer was dropped Monday night at a similar session.

Any school closing would be effective at the beginning of the school year in September.

Cuban recommended that pupils from Fairlington Elementary at 3308 S. Stafford St. be sent to nearby Abingdon Elementary at 3035 S. Abingdon St. if the school is closed. A report to the board said that based on projected school enrollments for next September. Abingdon Elementary could accommodate all of Fairlington's pupils and have room for 57 more. Fairlinfton now has 168 pupils in grades one through six, 66 pupils under the school board quota of 234 for these grade levels. fairlington is expected to have 190 pupils enrolled in these levels by September.

Cuban also recommended that pupils from Page Elementary at 1501 N. Lincoln St. be sent to nearby Woodmont, Glebe and Jackson elementary schools if Page is closed. The superintendent said that Page's enrollment in grades one through six has declined steadily during the past five years, with 219 currently enrolled in these grades in 1972 was 371 students.

The school board will decide Feb. 3 which elementary school or schools it will close. A public hearing will be held on the issue Jan. 27.