The father of one of Gary Mark Gilmore's victims said today he hoped the execution would end publicity about his son's death.

"I am relieved it is over," said David H. Jensen, a farmer and part-time postal worker. "I haven't enjoyed the publicity involved with the case."

Jensen's son, Max, was the first of Gilmore's victims. The 24-year-old Brigham Young University law student was fatally shot July 19 during the robbery of an Orem, Utah, service station where he held a summer job.

Gilmore admitted killing Jensen, though he was convicted and excuted for the slaying of Provo, Utah, motel clerk Bennie Bushnell, 26.

"This man probably lacked a lot of the advantages most of us have. He has had a pretty mixed up life," Jensen said of Gilmore, adding he bore "no hatred" toward him.

The wives of the two victims indicated prior to the execution they would be happy to quit hearing about Gilmore.

"I get upset when they glorify the man who killed my husband," said Colleen Jensen, now a high school art teacher in Clearfield, Utah. "It hurts very much and I have to wonder if justice is being done."

Debbie Bushnell, now in Pasadena, Calif., said she was "happy to get it over with, to get if off the air and out of the news," according to a Mormon bishop who knows the family.