President Carter yesterday ordered that the continuing Secret Service protection that has been authorized for up to six months for former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger and former Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller be reviewed after the first 30 days and possibly ended them.

At the request of his predecessor, Carter also ordered that Secret Service protection be provided for at least 60 days to Susan Ford, former President Ford's only daughter, who is a student at the University of Kansas.

In one of his last acts in office, Ford won congressional approval of a resolution to provide Secret Service protection for the next six months to Kissinger, Rockefeller and former Treasury Secretary William E. Simon.

After the resolution was enacted, Simon announced that he would refuse the protection.

White House press secretary Jody Powell said that Ford's aides told us that, on review, they felt as we had come to, that at the outset it was not necessary to make it (the protection) available for the full six months."

Carter's order extends Secert Service protection to Kissinger and Rockefeller until Feb. 20, at which time both the level of protection (number of agents) and the need for protection will be reviewed, Powell said. If considered necessary, the protection can be continued beyond that through the full six months, he said.

Powell said the level of protection afforded Susan Ford will be reviewed in February but that she will received some protection for two months.

powell said Ford personally asked Carter to continue Secret Service protection for his daughter.

"He was happy to comply," Powell said of the President.