Officials of The News World, a New York newspaper, yesterday accused The Washington Post of attempting to discredit it by publishing a story on its advertising practices early this month.

Ashley Noble, the paper's advertising director, called the story "a direct and deliberate attempt to discredit News World both as a newspaper and as an advertising vehicle". Dennis F. Orme, publisher, said his company intended to file a lawsuit against The Post.

The Post story quoted merchants as saying that they were given free ads in the paper. Others said that they did not know that their wares or services were being advertised in the paper.

Noble said the paper has 76 paying adverttisers. There are 38 others, he said, which advertise under agreements which provide that no payment will be required unless the ads produce sales results.

Controlling interest in News World is held by the Unification Church, wich is led by the Rev. Sun Myung Mon, the South Korean evangelist.

Orme said The Post's story implied that News World was attempting to conceal the paper's religious affiliation. He said an editorial praising Moon appeared in his paper on the some day The Post's Story was published.

Richard Harwood deputy managing editor of The Post said, "The story was accurate and well-reported."