U.N. Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, on the eye of his "extremely difficult" mission to the Middle East, said today that if no breakthrough is achieved this year in peace talks between Arabs and Israel, there could be another war in the area in the next two years.

Waldheim, appearing on the ABC televison news program, Issues and Answers, said his trip was timely because "there is a general readiness on both sides to resume the negotiating process, (and) there is more flexibility on both sides . . ."

But he added, "I have no illusion. My mission will be extremely difficult."

"I have the firm impression that the Arab states are ready to recognize the existence and independence of Israel as a state," Waldheim said. "It is of the highest importance that everything is done to have these two entities (Israel and the Palestinians) guaranteed and recognized."

These other Middle East developments were reported."

Reconciliation between Jordan and the PLO might take some time, Hani Hassan, a close adviser of PLO chief Yasser Arafat was quoted in Beirut as saying.King Hussein met senior PLO representatives this month for the first time in six years.

"I do not think a bilateral meeting will prove fruitful at this stage. What is needed now is . . . a long and arduous dialogue," Hassan said in an interview with the Lebanese weekly magazine Monday Morning.

Jordan is open "to any form of relation which the Jordanian people and the Palestinian people would opt for," Jordanian Premier Moudar Badrane said in an interview with Monday Morning.

Israeli security forces have detained 82 Arab guerrillas believed to be responsible for recent sabotage in the West Bank, an Israeli army spokesman said.