The Federal Power Commision approved an arrangement yesterday under which six energy firms in New York State will swap electricity for Canadian natural gas.

Acting under the emergency natural gas law signed by President Carter on Wednesday, the FPC said the exchange could take place daily from Monday through the end of February.

An FPC spokesman said the New York utilities will provide the Ontario Hydroelectic Power Commission with 600 megawatts of electricity per hour in exchange for 50 million cubic feet of natural gas daily.

Ontario Hydro now is using that gas to generate electricity.

Gov. Hugh Carey said the gas will enable energy-short industries to call about 220,000 idled employees back to work.

In another action, the FPC authorized Columbia Gas, an interstate firm, to transport 1,625,000 cubic feet of intrastate natural gas daily for the public school systems of Columbus, Ohio, and the Columbus suburbs of Worthington, Upper Arlington and Grandview Heights.

And the FPC authorized Texas utilites to temporarily connect their systems with those of other firms outside the state without becoming subject to commision jurisdiction. The action will permit the utilites to replace electricity now generated by natural gas with electricty from other firms.

THe new law allows intrastate gas lines to transport across state lines without coming under FPC controls, including price ceiling.

Texas Eastern Transmission Corp., long a buyer of gas from Mexico, began piping 40 million cubic feet of it per day to the East yesterday.

Texas Utilites Fuel Co. announced that it had 50 million cubic feet a day to sell - enough to warm250,000 homes. It said the gas became available because it has begun burning emergency oil reserves and using low-grade lig nite coal to the maxium in generating electricity.

Tufco said electricity rates to Texas customers would not be raised, because the sale of gas to interstate users would offset the higher cost of burning the oil reserves. The rates to be charged for the interstate gas were not announced.