Texas candidates, $1,000; ATA special events fund in California, $1,850; state Sen. Roberson in Tennessee, $50; Lt. Gov. Hobby, $500; Arizona, $2,000, and Oklahoma, $1,500.

Also, state Sen. March, $100; state assemblyman Len Harris, $100; Lt. Gov. Wilson-N.Y., $200; state Sen. Bisehelgia, $200; state Sen. Helm, $200; Steingut, $200, BIPACK, $200; Tennessee Democratic dinner, $100.

Also, the Fountainebleu bill for the Michigan delegation at the Republican National Convention, $1,300; Wimot, $625; Queens Democratic dinner, $100; Hewgley for Congress, $250; Murphy, 100: ELC tickets, $240; de Lugo Vl, $100; tickets for Michigan Gov. Milliken's reception, $150; Mayor Yorty, $300; ticket to Gov. Hail's dinner, $100, and Arenburg, $200. Charles Wardell, candidate for Senate in Virginia, $50; and Hixen for defeat of Texas Corp. tax bill, $250 in 1971.

Here is a list, broken down by state where possible, of the recipients identified by American Airlines of its political contributions from 1971 through early 1973. The list also includes some names or recipients who were not fully identified.

Alaska - Sen. Ted Stevens (R), $200.

Arizona - Rep. Morris K. Udall (D), $100.

California - Rep. Charles H. Wilson (D), $200; Rep. John J. McFall (D), $600; former Sen. John V. Tunney (D), $100; Rep. John E. Moss (D), $200; Rep. Lionel Van Deerlin (D), $100; Rep. Barry Goldwater Jr. (R), $100; former Rep. Chet Hollfield (D), $200; the late Rep. Jerry Pettis (D), $100.

Colorado - former Sen. Gordon Allott (R), $200; former Rep. Donald Brotzman (R), $100.

Georgia - former Rep. S. Fletcher Thompson (R), $100.

Idaho - Sen. James A. McClure (R), $100.

Illinois - former Rep. Roman Pucinski (D), $200; Sen. Charles H. Percy (R), $500; Rep. Dan Rostenkowski (D), $300.

Indiana - former Sen. Vance Hartke (D), $100.

Iowa - former Sen. Jack Miller (R), $100.

Kansas - Sen. James B. Pearson (R), $400.

Louisiana - the late Rep. Hale Boggs (D), $100.

Maryland - former Sen. J. Glenn Beall (R), $100.

Massachusetts - Rep. Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. (D), $100; Rep. Silvio O. Conte (R), $200.

Michigan - former Rep. James Harvey (R), $350; Sen. Robert P. Griffin (R), $1,000; former Rep. Jack McDonald (R), $50; Rep. Elford A. Cederberg (R), former Rep. Charles Chamberlain (R) and Rep. William S. Broomfield (R), a shared contribution of $100; former President Gerald R. Ford (R), $100; Rep. Marvin L. Esch (R), $100; Rep. John D. Dingell (D), $200.

New Jersey - Rep. Peter W. Rodino Jr. (D), $100.

New York - Rep. John M. Murphy (D), $200; former Rep. Betram Podell (D), $250; former Rep. Frank J. Brasco (D), $200; Rep. James M. Hanley (D), $100; Rep. Joseph P. Addabbo (D), $100.

North Carolina - Rep. David N. Henderson (D), $100.

Ohio - former Sen. Robert Taft Mr. (R), $100; former Rep. Frank T. Bow (R), $100; Rep. Samuel L. Devine (R), $300; former Rep. William E. Minshall (R), $200.

Oklahoma - former Rep. Ed Edmondson (D), $1,100; Rep. John Jarman (D), $960; Rep. Tom Steed (D), $100.

Oregon - Rep. Al Ullman (D), $400.

Pennsylvania - former Rep. Frank Clark (D), $50.

Rhode Island - Sen. John Chafee (R), $100; Sen. Claiborne Pell (D), $100.

Tennessee - former Rep. Dan Kuykendall (R), $300; Sen. Howard H. Baker Jr. (R), $500; former Rep. Ray T. Blanton (D), $100; Rep. James H. Quillen (R), $100; former Rep. William R. Anderson (D), $100.

Texas - Sen. John G. Tower (R), $350; Rep. Bob Casey (D), $200.

Utah - former Sen. Frank F. Moss (D), $250; Rep. K. Gunn McKay (D), $100.

Virginia - former Rep. Joel T. Brovhill (D), $200; former Sen. William B. Spong Jr. (D), $100; Sen. William L. Scott (R), $100.

Washington - Transportation Secretary Brock Adams (D), $200.

West Virginia - Rep. Harley O. Staggers (D), $250; Sen. Jennings Randolph (D), $500.

Wyoming - Rep. Teno Roncalio (D), $150.

Here, as logged in the American Airlines breakdown, are the other contributions listed outside of Congress or where no full designation was provided:

New Jersey state Republican dinner, $250; New York state Republican dinner, $300; Blackk Caucus reception, $200; mayoral candidate Pinkney, $500; mayoral candidate Kearney, $500; San Francisco Mayor Alioto, $350; New York state Democratic dinner, $250; Mike Green for Texas primaries, $2,500; Zaretski,