A Silver Spring man who pleaded guilty in November to committing "an unnatural and perverted sexual practice" on a 6-year old boy was sentenced to 18 months in jail yesterday by Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Jihn J.Mitchell.

"I don't critize you because of your homosexuality." Judge Mitchell told the defendant, Lawrence B.Maloney, 52, of Woodside Parkway. "But I don't believe you should recruit children between the ages of 6 and 11." Mitchell said.

A similar perverted sexual practice charge against Maloney, which involved the 11-year old brother of teh 6-year-old boy was dropped last November when Maloney pleaded guilty to the single charge.

Mitchell also sentenced Maloney, a real estate dealer, to five years of supervised probation and recommended that Maloney, the father of four children, continue psychiatric treatment.

A defense psychiatrist, Cyril G.Hardy, M.D., testified that Maloney was an "impulsive" individual who was "not a danger to society."

Hardy said he based his opinion on information from Maloney that Maloney had become "stimulated" to "participate" when he observed homosexual activity taking place. Since Maloney had not initiated the activity, he could not be regarded as a ganger to society, according to Hardy's testimony.

Maloney told Handu the two brothers had been introduced to homosexual activities by a 17-year-old male cousin, according to Hardy's testimony. Maloney did not received the maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $1,000 fine.

Under a recent addition to the state penal code, which took effect after the 1976 act to which Maloney pleaded guilty, sexual offenses against children under 14 now carry a maximum penalty of life in prison, according to a spokesman for the Montgomery County States Attorney's office.