A 64-year-old Fort Lauderdale, Fla., man was sentenced to three years in prison in federal court in Alexandria yesterday on a charge of defranding a Bethesda businessman in an "advance fee" mortgage scheme, authorities reported.

Authorities said James Gordon Fish pleaded guilty to acharge of frand by wire in connection with a scheme in which the businessman lost $55,000.

Fish was charged with defrauding Roger Eisinger, a stockholder in the Harlequin Dinner Theater. Eisinger said last night he had sought a loan to build a Harlequin theater in Atlanta. He said the theater has been built without the loan and is now in operation.

In another development, the FBI said Paulinrdale and described as an associate of Fish, was arrested in Alexandria Thursday after an indictment was issued in Miami charging fraud by wire in connection with a similar mortgage fee scheme.

The FBI said Kelley was arrested at the uality Inn Towne Motel, 808 N. Washington St.

FBI sources said that when Kelly could not be found in Florida, agents began looking for her here, on the theory that she might be planning to attend Fish's sentencing.

The sources said agents found her by searching for the Cadillac with Florida license tags she was believed driving.

"They went out and located her in 20 minutes," the sources said.

The FBI said Fish was also indicted on wire fraud charges by the federal grand injury in Miami.

Robert G. Kunkel, special agent in charge of the Alexandria FBI office, said the indictment alleged that Fish and Kelley were going business as Consortium Funding Corp., of Fort Lauderdale.

According to Kunkel, Fish and Kelley were charged with operating a scheme in which Consortium Funding promised to get mortgage money for potential borrowers after soliciting a "good-faith" deposit from the borrowers.

Kunkel said that allegedly the advance fees would range from 1 to 4 per cent of the proposed loans, which usually

Kunkel said the charges allege that after receiving the advance fee, Consortium Funding failed to provide the loan or return the fee.