A spokesman for former West German Chancellor Willy Brandt denied today that Brandt or the Social Democratic Party he still heads had ever received any money from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

Spokesman Lothar Schwartz called The Washington Post report a "slanderous insinuation" and said that a personal letter from Brandt to President Carter would be delivered to the White House Monday.

Schwartz said Brandt will express "wonder about these lies" and request the President explain the facts so people will understand that the report was wrong.

In 1975, when there were allegations in the press that Brandt's party had funneled money from the CIA to the Socialist Party in Portugal, Brandt emphatically denied them, calling those reports lies that must have been fabricated by those who wished to damage Portuguese Socialist leader Mario Soares.

At that time, Brandt also told newsmen that the SPD itself had never received money from the CIA.

(In a Reuter report from Niscosia, Cyress President Makarios today described as "unfounded and malicious" a U.S. newspaper allegation that he had received secret payments of about $1 million from the CIA in the late 1960s.

The Cyprus News Agency quoted Makarios as saying, "I did not have, nor was it possible for me to have, any relation with the CIA or other services of this kind," he said)