Dear Dr. Williams,

I hereby request you to assume the legal defense of Alexander Il'ich Ginzburg, born in 1936, in the USSR.

Since 1974 Alexander Ginzburg has been the main representative of the Russian Social Fund, established by myself and ratified by the Swiss state authorities. In such capacity he helped many hundreds of prisoners in labor camps and in jail as well as their tormented families.

Due to strenuous opposition on the part of the Soviet authorities, this was an extremely difficult task exacting the highest moral quality to be able to perform it. Alexander Ginzburg was able to do so precisely thanks to his exceptional moral fiber.

In 1976 Ginzburg also took part in the activity of the Moscow group monitoring the observance of the Helsinki agreement by the Soviet authorities.

In 1977 Ginzburg was arrested.

As the Soviet authorities cannot afford to try Ginzburg openly for his charitable work, they will resort to false charges. This supposition is based not only on my thorough acquaintance with the Soviet investigational and judicial system, but also and mainly on the authorities' behavior. At the search which took place in January, KGB officials planted foreign currency in Ginzburg's flat. I declare responsibly that Ginzburg had no dealings whatsoever with foreign currency. Further, the Soviet press published statements against Ginzburg charging him with absurd criminal offenses. Soviet reality shows that no matter how absurd, accusations proffered by the press invariably find their way into court.

I believe that legal counseling in Ginzburg's case will open up a new world even to a lawyer with your vast experience and world prestige.

If you agree to undertake this case, I take it upon me to inform you in detail and on the spot of all and any developments connected with Ginzburg's situation.

(s) Alexander Solzhenitsyn