In a letter to Chilean Labor Minister Bergio Fernandez Ferdnandez, AFL-CLO President George Meany has denounced Chilean labor and human-rights policies as "typical of the most tyrannical fascist regimes of our century." He called for free union elections and collective bargaining.

An AFL-CIO spokesman said that Meany, an outspoken critic of the Marxist government of Salvador Allende that the ruling military junta overthrew in 1973, had previously denounced junta policy toward workers in private communications, but the Feb. 9 letter was his first public statement. It came in response to a letter from Chile's labor minister praising Meany for his past public views.

Four other U.S. labor leaders, including United Auto Workers President Leonard Woodcock, have issued similar denunications since the release of the Meany letter:

In Santiago, an appeals court has ordered reopening of an investigation into the fate of eight childean leftists who allegedly disappeared in December. The court overruled a lower judge who closed the case Feb. 7 after being shown police records saying that the eight persons had crossed into Argentina in the weeks following their alleged disappearance. Lawyers for the missing persons maintain that none was seen in Argentina nor had any contact with relatives in Chile.