Although it has not announced most of them, the Carter administration has named at least 11 Hispanic Americans to subcabinet or White House staff positions, and more expected, according to several Hispanic-American sources.

At least two of the sources, both critical of the administration's hiring polices in the past, said they were satisfied with the number named so far.

The White House said last week that President Carter would "at the present pace...appoint about three times the number of Spanish-speaking Americans to government positions than were named in previous administrations..."

Those appointed include five assistant secretaries or persons of equivalent level. The 11 are:

Fabin Chavez, assistant secretary of commerce, a Mexican-American on the staff of New Mexico Gov. Jerry Apodaca who worked for the Carter campaign.

Alex Mercure, assistant secretary of agriculture, a Mexican-American, formerly vice chancellor of the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque.

Abelardo Valdez, assistant administrator of the Bureau of Latin American Affairs in the Agency for International Development, a Washington attorney who comes from Floresville, Tex.

William Medina, assistant secretary of housing and urban development. A former employee of the Office of Management and Budget, he is the first Pucrto Rican to hold an assistant secretaryship.

Gracicla Olivarez, head of the Community Services Administration. She has been state planning officer in Gov. Apodaca's administration.

Arabella Martinez, assistant secretary of health education and welfare, a Mexican-American.

Patrick Apodaca. one of three associate counsels to the President. A first cousin of hte New Mexico governor, he worked for both the campaign and the Carter transition team.

Anna Maria Martel, assistant to White House personnel director Jim King. She is from Los Angeles, and worked for the transition team.

Ann Gutierrez, a member of the White House policy staff. She worked for the California state government.

Joe Aragon, whose appointment as special assistant to the President and White House ombudsman was announced earlier.

Jaun Rodriguez, special assistant to HUD Secretary Patricia Harris. He is a Cuban from New York who worked with both the campaign and the transition team.

Carter aides have said that the President urged his Cabinet members at every meeting during the first month to find and hire Hispanic-Americans. He also sent them mailgrams to emphasize his feelings on the issue.

"There's been a considerable amount of pressure on the administration to recognize the concerns and needs of our nation's Hispanic community," said Manuel Fierro, executive director of E1 Congreso, a Hispanic lobbying organization here.

Fiero, one of those who has been critical, has been spending much of his time since December meeting with Caninet members to push for Hispanic-American hiring. He praised Vice President Mondale for "Providing us unrelanting...exceptional assistance."

"It is been a very difficult time, but the whole things is beginning to bust loose for us," Fiero said.