A revised plan for rerouting of Metrobuses around the three locations where hostages are being held was announced yesterday by the transit authority. The reroutings will continue as long as streets adjacent to the trouble spots are kept closed by police.

Massachusetts Avenue NW buses will operate over Florida Avenue, Calvert Street, Cleveland Avenue and Garfield Street.

City routes on 14th Street NW (except No. 54) will operate on 15th Street between Constitution Avenue and New York Avenue. No. 54 will run on 14th Street, F Street, 11th Street and Pennsylvamia Avenue.

The 14th Street Virginia routes, to and from Farragut Square, will operate on 15th Street north of Constitution Avenue.

Alexandria Division buses going to the 10th Street terminal in the Federal Triangle will operate on Constitution Avenue and 12th Street instead of on 14th Street to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Pennsylvania Avenue city routes (the 30 series), plus the No. 2 from Arlington to Union Station, will operate between 15th and G Streets (the Treasury) and 11th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW on G Street and 11th Street, diverting them from 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue between those points.

Prince George's County buses that normally use Pennsylvania Avenue just east of 13th Street will operate over E Street to, for most routes, 10th Street.