Polish film director Roman Polanski, widower of murdered actess Sharon Tate, was free on bond today on charges of luring a 13-year-old girl to the home of Jack Nicholson under the pretext of photographing her, then drugging and raping her.

Polanski, 43, was arrested by police to Beverly Wilshire Hotel Friday night following the incident Thursday night at Nicholson's Bel Air home.

In addition to the rape charges, Polanski also was booked on suspicion of sodomy, child molestation and furnishing dangerous drugs to a minor.

He was released on $2,500 bond pending his arraignment March 18.

While searching the home where the rape allegedly occured, authorities arrested Nicholson's long-time girl friend, Angelica Huston, 26, daughter of director John Huston, on suspcision of possession of cocaine. She was released after putting up $1,500 bond.

Nicholson was reportedly out of town at the time. A spokesman for the district attorney's office told reporters that Polanski recently met the girl's mother and arranged for the girl to pose for some photographs for the French edition of Vogue magazine.

He said Polanski took some pictues at a first photographic session two weeks ago, and among these pictures was one of the girl nude from the waist up.

He said the mother became angry when she saw the picture and questioned her daughter when she returned home from the second photographic session Thursday night."Officiers said the girl told her mother that Polanski had given her a tablet of the powerful tranquilizing drug Quaalude, the same drug actor Freddie Prinz took before shooting himself through the brain.

The director then raped the girl and forced her to commit various sex acts with him, police said.

Polanski made no public comment on his arrest. He surrendered peacefully when he was taken into custody at the hotel.

Police said the arrest followed consultation with the district attorney's office and that a search warrant was obtained before officers entered Nicholson's home.