Twenty persons have been arrested in connection with Wednesday night's killings of Christians following the murder of leftist leader Kamal Jumblatt, judicial sources said today.

Conservative Christian leaders hope the arrests will help restrain their supporters from taking revenge on Jumblatt's Druze community, which lives alongside Christians in the Shouf region southeast of Beirut.

At least 110 Christians were killed in a night of violence in mountain villages near Jumblatt's home after his supporters learned of his murder by unidentified gunmen.

President Elias Sarkis conferred tonight with right-wing former President Camille Chamoun and other conservative leaders on security in the Shouf, an area of steep wooded hills.

Phalangist leader Pierre Gemayel told reporters after the meeting that all was quiet in the region today.

The president also conferred with Lebonon's four-nation truce committee, grouping representatives of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria and Kuwait.

News agencies also reported these developments in the Middle East:

The state security court in Amman sentenced a Jordanian woman to death in absentia for selling land to the "enemy" - Israel, official sources said, according to Agence France-Presse.

Death by hanging was decreed for Rizk Mohammad Rizk of a township near Jerusalem that has been under Israeli control since June 1967.

The Palestine National Council approved a military program that calls for unification of all Palestinian armed forces and militia under the leadership of Yasser Arafat, a council spokesman announced in Cairo.