The former president of the Congo Republic and many others have been arrested [WORD ILLEGIBLE] mission with the Policy association of President Marion [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Brazzaville announced today.

The [WORD ILLEGIBLE] said that former President [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Debat and [WORD ILLEGIBLE] had been arrested and were being questioned by the 11-man military council that took over after the assassination and coup attempt on Friday.

"Those who killed President Ngouabi are the killer-pawns of ex-President Alphonse Massamba-Debat," the radio said. "These killers must pay with the same currency of blood."

Massamba-Debat was deposed by Ngouabi in a military coup in 1968. He was put on trial before a military court but acquittd and allowed to remain in this West African country, the former French Congo.

The military council has imposed a curfew on Brazzaville, closed the country's frontiers and forbidden meetings of more than five-persons.

A nationwide mannunt has been launched for Capt. Bartheleny Kikadidi, Ngouabi's alleged assassin, who reportedly served as the chief of intelligence service under Massamba-Debat.

The radio said that Kikadidi, disguised as an officer just back from a mission to [WORD ILLEGIBLE] entered Ngouabi's official residence at lunchtime Friday and with three other "suicide commandos" opened [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Ngouabi's son and security guards returned the fire. Ngouabi received several head wounds.

The military committee met to make arrangements for Ngouabi's funeral in two weeks. A month of national mourning has been proclaimed.

In other developments in Africa:

Cuban President Fidel Castro told Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere that Cuba would like to increase aid to his country but "our resources are preoccupied in Angola."

Castro on a tour of African countries, said, "We are poor but Tanzania is poorer. We can't help everybody as much as we would like."

Nyerere, in a speech, had asked for more Cuban doctors. More than 100 Cubans, most of them doctors and medical technicians are believed to be in Tanzania. Between 12,000 and 15,000 Cubans are said to be in Angola.

Meanwhile, Tanzania announced it would get $7.7 million in U.S. food aid this year.

Uganda has barried most night flights within its [WORD ILLEGIBLE] because of the current security situation in Africa," Radio Uganda announced.

Rhodesian nationalist leader Joshua Nkomo indicated that his guerrillas would turn their weapons against any blacks who reached an agreement with Prime Minister Ian Smith.

"The war is not against white people, it is against an evil system," Nkomo said. He said those who join this system by reaching an internal settlement with Smith would be "face to face with the Katusha" - a Soviet-built rocket.

Roman Catholic Bishop Donal Lamont, under threat, oil deportation from Rhodesia, has been [WORD ILLEGIBLE] to receive an honorary degree from Notre Dame University on May 22, the same day President Carter is to receive a degree.