More than 200 detectives yesterday searched for a well-educated "trusted individual" who abducted and smothered an 11-year-old boy only a few hours before his body was found in a roadside ditch.

Discovery of the body of Timothy King of Birmingham, apparently kidnaped from a neighborhood drugstore March 16, marked the seventh child abduction-murder in the last 14 months in Oakland County.

Police believe the boy's killer also killed at least three of the other six children found slain in Detroit's northern suburbs. The body apparently was placed carefully, not thrown, by a Livonia roadside, and was discovered Tuesday night.

Medical examiner Werner Spitz said marks on the youth's body indicated his hands and feet had been bound at times and the boy had been sixually molested.

Timothy was last seen talking to a man standing next to a blue Gremlin automobile. He is described as white, between 25 and 35 years old, husky, with brown hair, and muttonchop sideburns. A psychological profile shows him as well educated and intelligent, a white-collar worker who lives or works in Oakland County. Police say the person "could be a public official, it could be people of the clergy, it could be a doctor, it could even be police." The murderer is attracted to children aged 10 to 12, seually assaults the bous but not the girls, usually suffocates his victims and leaves them clean and in funeral positions on quiet roads.