Telephone conversation entered in

The following are excerpts of a evidence by prosecutors yesterday in support of their motion to jail Hamaas Abdul Khaalis. The conversation purportedly occurred March 29 between Khaalis and his son-in-law, Abdul Aziz.

Khaalis: When are you going to be here?

Aziz: I'm getting ready to catch a flight now. I've got to get an elevator, the Secret Service is waiting for me. Yeah, they just put me to Secret Service.

Khaalis: What, are they quizzing you?

Aziz: They tried to, I didn't say

Khaalis: No, don't say s. . . to . . . those m. . . f . . . I'll kill all two hundred people today. Do you hear that?

Aziz: I hear you.

Khaalis: Tell them what I said. Tell them I'll let some of my men go.

Aziz: Right

Khaalis: What did they do to you?

Aziz: Searched me.

Khaalis: What?

Aziz: Stripped - had me strip down, went through all my things. They're waiting for me.

Khaalis: You got their number?

Aziz: No, I don't have their number. I just wanted to get away from them, they were getting me really hot.

Khaalis: OK, we're gonna, we're gonna get the government for this. All right?

Aziz: All right.

Khaalis: OK. Up their asses now. They're playing rough, we're gonna play rough.

The following are excerpts of a conversation between Khaalis and an unidentified female. Prosecutors say that conversation came immediately after the Khaalis-Aziz telephone call.

Khaalis: They were waiting for him. They are going to pay in blood for it (unintelligible). I'm gonna kill somebody. And they're gonna die for what they did . (Unintelligible). It don't matter to me. I keep telling people (unintelligible). Now they're gonna pay . . . Pay in blood. I don't give a - (unintelligible). Don't matter to me. They can't do this to the Muslims.

Female: No.

Khaalis: They ain't gonna do (unintelligible). or they gonna have to pay.

Female: right, right, pay for it.

Khaalis: Pay the price. We're gonna wipe their faces in it see if they like it, you know?