While I don't regard the Eastern press as the devil's playground, as some have alleged, I fear The Washington Post is systematically undermining a cherished American tradition.Furthermore, it is fracturing the orderly existence of those of us who have found comfort through uncertain times by putting faith in such things as straight up martinis, good hunting dogs and the Sunday comics section.

Some years ago The Post began including the Sunday comics in the Saturday editions delivered to my suburban home. More recently it inserted them in the Friday editions.

Good grief, Charlie Brown!

My family has found it necessary to take precautions, to adopt a failsafe procedure that prevents us from carelessly reading the Sunday comics before we have read those of the preceding Friday and Saturday. If comics are not read in the proper sequence, of course, one gets out of step with the exciting developments as each unfolding drama moves toward another climax.

There has been the additional problem of making sure the Sunday comics, when set aside on Friday, are not misplaced or forgotten. It is disconcerting to discover them the following Tuesday, after one has read Monday's offering.

We have over the years, however, worked out a reasonably reliable method of keeping the comic strip characters from doing their Sunday things prematurely or belatedly.

In view of the above, I hope you can appreciate our dismay when the Sunday comics section was included in our Wednesday paper. If this continues, we obviously will have to devise a new and more sophisticated strategy.

Leapin' Lizards, Sandy!