President Carter and his family are scattering to five different places for the Easter weekend, all away from Washington.

All the family except son Chip will board Air Force One early this afternoon to fly to Dobbins Air Force Base near Atlanta, the White House said. Chip is en route to China with a congressional delegation.

From Dobbins the President, Mrs. Carter, and daughter Amy will helicopter to the north Georgia town of Calhoun, to spend the weekend with son Jack and his family.

Jeff Carter and his wife Annette will go to Atlanta, where they used to live.

Chip's wife Caron and their new baby will go to Hawkinsville, near Macon in middle Georgia, to visit her parents.

Rosalynn Carter's mother, Allie Smith, will head for her home in Plains.

"The President wants very much to have a private weekend with his family and we hope that he'll be able to have one," said deputy press secretary Rex Granum.

The only public event on the President's Calhoun schedule are Easter church services and Sunday school.

Public requests to attend the services are overwhelming Calhoun's First Baptist Church, the Rev. Bob Maddox said earlier this week.