Carter Gilmore, the black politican who was the butt of a Billy Carter racial joke Friday night, asked for a formal apology yesterday from the President's younger brother.

But Billy, 39, dressed in a tan leisure suit and crowned with a green and yellow Oakland A's baseball cap, saislur and I will not apologize," said the feisty First Brother, before tossing out the first ball of the Oakland A's season opener against the Minnesota Twins here today.

Fueled by at least a half-dozen sweating cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a glass of bourbon and water, Billy joked friday night that the reason his last name matched the first name of the Oakland City Council candidate, who also happens to be a local NAACP official, was: "We all left a nigger in the woodpile somewhere."

The racial quip, evoking instant recollections of Earl Butz, was intended and accepted as humor when the President's brother spoke at a cocktail party for 400 season ticketholders of the Oakland A's.

Billy convulsed in machine gun laughter at his off-the-cuff quip. The crowd howled. Carter Gilmore grinned.

But yesterday, Gilmore said he had not understood the full remark, only catching the word, "woodpile."

"Certainly I resent it," said Gilmore, when informed of the full joke. "I would hope he would apologize and refrain from [such] racial slurs. Gilmore said he did