An editorial in the official daily Al Baath warned today that Syria could tolerate no escalation of the tension in southern Lebanon.

The editorial called for an end to fighting in southern Lebanon, adding:

"Israel is on the move (in southern Lebanon) in an attempt to establish an accomplished fact to serve its interests, and form a threat the south which could reflect negatively on the future of the Arab cause."

In other developments:

Saudi Arabia's hereditary prince, Fahd Ben Abdel Azziz, said in an interview in the Egyptian Weekly, October, that the United States holds the answer to the Middle East crisis.

"The United States can pur pressure on the Hebrew state and have an objective role in solving the Palestinian question," Fahd said.

Fahd said he is to visit the United States this spring at President Carter's invitation.

In Cairo the weekly party organ Rose el Youssef said that leaders of the Egyptian Leftist Political Party have been banned from traveling outside Egypt without permission of security authorities.

Egypt adopted a law in May 1971 abolishing such travel bans. But there has been a clampdown on the left since last January's food riots, which the government blamed on Communists.