A survey of travel by employees of three government agencies shows. If per cent of the trips violated standards for approved federal travel, congressional auditors said yesterday.

If the figure is applied to the $2.5 billion spent annually on federal travel, some $375 million is wasted, said Rep. Jack Brooks (D-Tex.), chairman of the House Government Operations Committee. He requested a General Accounting Office travel investigation.

GAO auditors examined 119 trips last year by employees of the State Department, the Natinal Institutes of Health and the Federal Aviation Administration.

The GAO said 18 of the trips appeared to violate these federal requirements for approved travel: the number traveling should be kept to a minimum $99(v. ORD ILLEGEBLE$120 efficient alterantive should not be available to accomplish the purpose on the trip and attendance at conferences and meetings should be limited to sesseions essential to the agency's or employee's job.

Some of the GAO findings included:

Most travels at the State Department and NIH is by upper management while FAA travel is mostly by middle management.

Upper management travels to conferences and seminars. Middle managers travel mostly to inspect and evaluate programs.

About 45 per cent of State's travel is outside the United States.Employees of the other two agencies travel mostly within the country.

For all three agencies, 67 per cent of the trips were completed within seven days.