The trial of a former CIA employee accused of espionage was postponed yesterday until next Monday after the man was taken to a Baltimore hospital complaining of chest pains.

The defendant, Edwin Gibbons Moore II, 56, of 4800 Fort Sumner Dr., Bethesda, may or may not have suffered a mild heart attack early yesterday, a court-appointed physician testified after examining Moore.

Dr. Nicholas Fortuin, a Johns Hopkins University cardiologist, also told U.S. District Court Judge Frank A. Kaufman that Moore may be sufficiently recovered to participate in the trial by next Monday.

Judge Kaufman said in court yesterday that he would near testimony today from Dr. Marion Kowalewski, a cardiologist on the staff of Mercy Hospital, regarding Moore's condition.

Moore, who has a history of hypertension, was taken from his Baltimore City jail cell to Mercy Hospital early yesterday morning, according to court testimony.

The retired GS-9 CIA employee could be sentenced to up to life in prison if convicted of trying to harm the interests of the United States by selling classified documents to the Soviet Union. He is also accused of unauthorized possession of classified documents and government property.

Moore has pleaded innocent by reason of insanity to all charges. The trial, which began Monday, is expected to last a month.