The House approved a compromise $29 billion supplemental appropriations bill yesterday, rejecting an attempt to attach $20 million to reimburse communities in four states for snow-removal expenses.

The package now goes back to the Senate, which had included the snow-removal money at the urging of Sen. Birch (D-Ind.)

If the Senate strikes the snow-removal money, the bill would be sent on to the White House for the President's signature. If not, there would have to be further compromise and further votes by both houses.

The vote to adopt the compromise measure was 164 to 142.

Overall, the bill contains money for a variety of programs in this fiscal year, including arms aid to Portugal, $300 million in drought assistance, $13 billion for housing, $1.2 billion for millitary and civilian pay increases.

The Senate earmarked the snow-removal money for communities in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan that had been declared eligible for emergency assistance. Opponents said that if the House went along with the Senate, any city or state would be justified in seeking aid for virtually any emergency of its own description.

The House vote against the snow money was 279 to 124.