Pakistan's charge d'affaires in Paris resigned yesterday to protest his government's domestic policies, friends of the diplomat, Iqbal Riza, said in the French capital.

Riza, who formerly served as deputy chief of mission in the Pakistani embassy in Washington, resigned to disassociate himself "from what he views as the Pakistan government's repressive measures in violation of human rights," according to a statement the friends said he had left in Paris.

Riza left Paris for London. He is the first senior career diplomat to resign to protest Bhutto's actions, although the ambassadors to Greece, Spain and Egypt have all quit.

Meanwhile, Pakistan's opposition leaders were brought together at a detention center near Islamabad yesterday to consider a negotiated solution to the two-month-old political crisis.

The Pir of Pagaro, a hereditary religious leader who is now head of the nine-party opposition alliance, met with eight jailed leaders in what some sources said could be a prelude to negotiations with Bhutto.

The meeting took place on one of the quietest days across the country since agitation against Bhutto bagan after the March 7 elections. Curfews in Karachi, Lahore and Hyderabad - all under martial law - were relaxed.