Zaire suspended diplomatic relations with Ease Germany today, accusing it of supplying arms to antigovernment rebels in southern Shaba Province.

East German diplomats were given 43 hours to leave Zaire, which is intensifying a diplomatic campaign against alleged Communist involvement in th fighting between rebel invaders and government forces in the province, formely known as Katanga.

Meanwhile, Angola, which Zaire's President Mobutu Sese Seko has accused of backing th rebels, gave France and veiled warning that it might break off ties because of French support for Zaire.

In May Day speech, Angolan President Agostinho Neto said his country could not maintain economic and diplomatic relations with countries backing Mobutu. France, which airlifted Moroccan troops to Zaire, is the only country involved that has such relations with Angola.

The official news agency AZAP reported "serious engagements" in Shaba yesterday, leaving dead and wounded in the ranks of government forces, supported by 1,500 Moroccan troops. It was the first time the Moroccans had been involved in direct combat Zaire's air force.

A spokesman for the Egyptians said they would "handle the Mirages." The Zaire air force has 42 French-built Mirages, but it is not known how many are operational. Informed sources said Zaire has only a handful of trained Mirage pilots.

Zaire's official statement on the break with East Germany said its arms supplies to the rebels "amount" to a situation of underclared war which is incompatible with the maintenance of diplomatly relations."

Zaire broke relations with Cuba last month. Mobutu has accused nations have denied the charge.

Correspondents who visited government forward headquarters in Mutshatsha last week were shown boxes, with German writing on them, containing 7.62-mm. ammunition. This caliber is standard issue for both NATA and Warsaw Pact forces.

[Ugandan President Idi Amin said in Kinshasa that he was sending 200 soldiers to Zaire to replace the "suicide squad" he sent last week.]