The mystery ship that disappeared on the high seas eight years ago with 200 tons of uranium ore on board was the Hamburg-registered Scheersberg, commanded by a British captain and first officer, a Common Market official today.

Although he said the states of the European Economic Community investigating the disappearance withheld the results of their findings from EEC authorities, there is little doubt here that the ore ended up in Israel. Israel has denied any involvement.

Renato Ruggiero, the EEC spokesman said the uranium, apparently from Zaire, was sold by the Societe Generale des Minerals, a Brussels firm, to a West German firm called Asmara Chemie. The 560 drums were loaded at Antwerp, and the uranium ostensibly was to be delivered to a Milan, Italy, company called SAICA for use in the petrochemical industry, he said.

The ship's bill of lading in Antwerp was dated Nov. 16, 1968. On Jan. 17, 1969, Common Market officials wrote SAICA asking whether the shipment had arrived, Ruggiero said. But he said the firm did not reply until mid-May, saying it had not received the uranium.

Ruggiero said the ship had changed its registry from West German to Liberian in Antwerp.