Killers who shot recluse Marjorie V. Jackson, 66, but overlooked more than $5 million in hidden cash may have been three burglars she once refused to prosecute, police said.

Three unidentified suspects broke into the Jackson home in January but she refused to bring charges.

Her late husband, Chester Jackson, son of the founder of a grocery chain, left an estimated $14 million. A total of $5,015,480.93, mostly in $100 bills, was found in her home - $2 million of it in a garbage can in the bedroom, the rest in such spots as toolboxes, a vacuum clearner bad and closets.

Despite the untouched fortune, police said robbery might have been the killer's motive. They said the victim's purse and a suitcase she used to transport money were missing. Empty jewelry boxes were on the ground near a gate which had apparently been forced open at the rear of the property, police said, and outside telephone wires had been cut.

In the bedroom were serveral thousand objects wrapped in aluminum foil with greeting cards attached bearing messages such as "To Jesus Christ, from Marjorie Jackson" and "To God, from Marjorie," police said, and two 1977 Cadillac Sevilles, one unlicensed and partly covered with a blanket, were found in the garage.