A spokesman for Andrew Young, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, yesterday coast doubt on whether Young would go to South Africa next week as planned, Washington Post Correspondent Janothan Randal reported.

The decision will not be announced the-scenes negotiations with South Africa, according to Young's executive assistant, Stoney Cooks.

The decision will not be announced until Saturday to avoid endangering the Wednesday meeting between Vice President Walter Mondale and South African Prime Minister John Vorster in Vienna.

Cooks made the announcement aboard a U.S. Air Force plane carrying Young to Libson, where he is too meet Sunday with Mondale. Mondale arrived in Lisbon last night.

Citing "lots of stringent conditions" imposed by South Africa, Cooks said "There's a good possibility we will not be going" while insisting "We will think in terms of going."

Cooks indicated Young's irritation with South Africa's conditions by [WORD ILLEGIBLE] that Young would not go "as an honorary white men" since he merited the "proper respect due a Cabinet offier."

Asked about the nature of South Africa's conditions Cooks said Young might not be able to fly to Johannesburg aboard his official U.S. Air Force jet or be accompanied by his press party.

There also appeared to be differences on security matters.