Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko said here tonight that "the people and the government of the Soviet Union have done everything possible to achieve a new nuclear arms agreement" with the United States and now "many things depend of the u.S."

If Gromyko, who arrived here today from Moscow, was bringing any new Soviet proposals or compromises with him he gave no such hint in a statement to reporters at the airport.

Although Gromyko appeared to be in good spirits, his remarks that the Soviets had done all they could were regarded generally as downbeat and not likely to please the U.S. delegatiion at the outset.

Gromyko said he would not guess about the outcome of the new round of talks. "Its is very difficult to find the way to a solution," he said. But, he added, "it must be done in a good way. Unfortunately, everything does not depend on us. Many things depend of the United States, on their present position, on the proposals that Mr. Vance will be bringing with him."

Gromyko made no mention of the Middle East in his statement, easing some concern here that there could be a fight over the agenda of the meeting, with the Middle East being pushed ahead of the arms talks as the Soviets seek to find some role in a prospective settlement.

Under questioning, Gromyko said he would exchange views with Vance on the Middle East, which he described as "a problem that is ripe, and even over ripe" for solving.