House Assasinations Committee Chairman Louis O. Stokes (D-Ohio) has named Thomas W. Lambeth as acting staff director for the inquiry into the murders of President Kennedy and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

The temporary assignment was made Monday following the resignation on acting chief counsel and staff director Alvin zb. lewis Jr. Lewsn former stecial counsel for the committee, had agreed to sit on for only a few weeks after the resignation of chief counsel Richard A. Sprague.

Lambeth r2, has been administrative assistant to Repm Richardson Preyer (D-N.C.), chairman of the subcommittee investigating the Kennedy assassination. He is currently dividing his time between work for Hreyer and serving as chief administrator of the committee staff and I aison between the staff and committee members.

The investigations are being directed by deputy chief counsels Robert Tanenbaum and Robert Lehner while the search for a new chief counsel continues.

"They've got tremendous problems," Sprague said yesterday in a telephone interview from Philadelphia where he has resumed his private law practice. "They haven't hired a single person since I left . . . and he said truth is that as of this day, they have not had access to one classified document."

The committee staff now numbers 59 persons and has 56 vacancies. Sprague had complete hiring and firing authority when he was in charge of the staff, but since then, he said, the 12 committee members have been unable to agree among themselves on even the hiring of a new secretary. The committee has also had not success in finding a permanent successor to Sprague.

"I am convinced it's not going to fly" Sprague said. "The nature of congressmen and their habit of approaching things from a political angle just make it impossible to do this (investigation) the right way."