What brought about the arrest of two more suspects in the multimillion-dollar robbery and killing of an Indianapolis heiress was "beer tastes and a champagne pocketbook."

Cal Evenson, sales manager for a motor home dealership in nearby Temple, said Howard R. Willard, 38, and his ex-wife, Marjorie Pollit, 49, looked "fishy" when they paid $35,000 for a motor home with crisp $100 bills.

"What got out attention was that they seemed to have beer tastes and a champagne pocketbook," Evenson explained.

When the couple bought the vehicle Thursday afternoon, Evenson stalled delivery until Friday, then called Temple police. Lt. Mike Preville suspected the two might be Willard and Pollit, and after checking with Indianapolis authorities, he turned the case over to the FBI.

Given a description of the couple's rented car by Evenson, FBI agents in a light aircraft were able to spot it Friday on a Phoenix street. They followed it to a trailer park.

In a motor home the couple apparently had driven from Indiana. FBI agents found $170.745 in $100, $50 and $20 bills.

The two are suspects in the murder of Marjorie Jackson, eccentric and wealthy recluse who was found May 7 shot to death at her burning Indianapolis estate.