Dutch and South Moluccan church groups prayed for "love to heal the wounds" of their shattered community today as South Moluccan gunmen held 60 hostages for a seventh day.

Clustered in an open field in the village of Bovensmilde, about 700 Dutch citizens gave thanks for the release of 105 schoolchildren and prayed for the release of the remaining captives. They also offered an olive branch to all South Moluccans who deplore the tactics of the terrorists.

Meanwhile, 300 local South Moluccans met in a brick church here, singing hymns in their native Ambonese language and praying for a peaceful end to the ordeal.

Carrying blankets and garden chairs to the ecumenical service, Dutch families heard clergymen call for "dignity, strength and restraint."

"We need love to heal the wounds of Bovensmilde," said the pastor at the Dutch Protestant church here.

"We need to keep . . . togetherness in our whole community once the barriers are removed," the pastor said. He referred to the roadblock built to prevent reprisals against local South Moluccans.

A few miles away, Moluccan familes prayed and sang for understanding between the two communities.

Negotiations with the 10 terrorists holding 56 train passengers at gun-point near Glimmen made little headway. The terrorists again refused to release a pregnant woman for medical treatment.

Five other gunmen kept four teachers capive in a primary school. The 105 pupils and a teacher were freed Friday morning after several children became ill. Seventeen of the children remain in a local hospital for observation and doctors said it would take five to seven days to determine what strain of virus the children may have contacted.

The terrorists reiterated their demands for a Boeing 747 to fly their hostages, 21 jailed South Moluccans and themselves to a foreign destination.

Prime Minister Joop Den Uyl has said that no hostage would leave the country. Justice Ministry officials said efforts to learn the planned destination of the gunmen have been fruitless.

The terrorists aboard the train asked today for cleaning equipment, along with food and medical supplies. The request heightened speculation that the siege will continue.