Most of the children went back to school here today, but the mood in this tiny, but now well-known, Dutch village is becoming increasingly grim.

It was here 15 days ago that a band of dark-skinned South Moluccan and held 105 white Dutch children hostage while other gunmen hijacked a train near Assen, about 10 miles to the north. The train's passengers are still captives.

(Two pregnant women released from the train Suchay told reporters today that the hostages were in good condition despite "very great psychological pressure.")

The children - ages 6-to-12 - were released after four days when an unidentified illness spread among them.

Four teachers are still being held captive in the school by four gunmen, the police are still here manning the barricades, and racial antagonisms are simmering just beneath the surface.

The youngsters who went back to school today were not the ones who were held hostage, and they are going to the other school in town. Nothing is back to normal and, in the view of many citizens here, it may never be the same again.

The local village council, members say, had received telephone calls from white groups elsewhere in the Netherlands saying that they will come to Bovensmilde when things quiet down "to fix the coloreds."

"We are afraid of that. We don't want that," said one member of the council. Extra help is planned for the town's 10-man police force.

The village council wants the government to order a sweep through the neat rows of two-story brick apartment houses where the roughly 750 South Moluccan town residents live to confiscate any unregistered weapons.

For the longer haul, villagers are contemplating a request for a much more radical solution: They want the government to move many of the Moluccans out.

The government, they reason, made a mistake seven years ago when it moved so many South Moluccans to a village with only about 1,800 other residents. Given the frustration and resentments of the Moluccans, particularly the young ones, the number moved here was too high, they say.