Susan Truitt, Independent candidate seeking to fill the City Council vacancy created by the death of Julius Hobson, survived a challenge yesterday to remove her name form the ballot of the July 19 special election.

Truitt had been challenged by Gwendolyn Graham Reiss, a Republican working for another candidate in the special election, Hilda Mason, Reiss had contended that Truitt did not have the necessary 3,000 valid signatures to remain on the ballot and that signatures for her petition had not been gathered by a registered D.C. voter.

The D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics verified that Truitt had the necessary signatures to be placed on the ballot, but said that Truitt did not need a registered city voter to gather signatures.

Reiss has until midnight Sunday to file an appeal with the D.C. Court of Appeals. She indicated she probably would not challenge the board's ruling.

The board also decided to keep Leo A. Murray and Frank E. Sewell, Jr., on the ballot pending the board's decision at a special meeting Tuesday, whether to allow both men to run under the banner of the Statehood Party. The board also declared invalid the candidacy of Nami T. VanderJagt, saying VanderJagt's petition did not contain the necessary 19 signatures of Statehood Party voters.