The worst of eight fires that have scorched more than 17,000 tinder-dry acres of New Mexico and Arizona raged out of control yesterday near a huge cache of explosives at the research center where American's first atomic bomb was developed.

More than 1,000 fire fighters were on hand - some of them called away from fires in Arizona - as the blaze swept through 6,000 acres of forest and spread to within two miles of Los Alamos, population 17,000.

At the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, where nuclear research is still under way, the fire missed a magazine of military explosives by less than 800 yards on Saturday.

In Arizona, meanwhile, the most serious of five fires ravaged 9,100-foot Mt. Elden at the edge of Flagstaff near the Grand canyon. It was fought by specially trained, rock-climbing "hot shot" crews able to reach hot spots in the rugged mountain terrain.

Four juveniles suspected of causing the blaze with an unauthorized camp-fire were in custody. [TEXT OMITTED FROM SOURCE] church, and the "lost will of 1938," which allegedly left it to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

The paper quoted unidentified lawyers for family members who said the agreement was reached "to prevent years of litigation" between two family factions. One lawsuit in that dispute already has been filed.