An 8-year-old boy was kidnapped from a McDonald's restaurant at 1401 K St. NW yesterday by a man dressed in a reddish-blond woman's wig, police reported. The boy was found unharmed 20 minutes after the 10:10 a.m. abduction in McPherson Park, police said.

Police later arrested Allen Flood, 38, of 1816 S St. NW and charged him with kidnaping after the boy, William Graif, was found sitting on a park bench.

George A. Graf, the boy's father and the owner of Bowles Prescription Opticians at 1027 Vermont Ave., NW, said the incident began when the boy asked if he could get a hamburger and a milkshake from the McDonald's which is around the corner from Graf's store.

According to Beryl Thornton, an assistant manager at McDonald's, the persons working the cash registers in the restaurant noticed a man dressed in make-up and a woman's wig grabbing and talking to the boy as the child waited for a milkshake.

The boy's father said the man induced the child to leave the restaurant with him by offering to "take (you) where you won't have to wait for a milkshake."

Thornton said she notified the manager of the McDonald's that the man had taken the boy out of the store and they decided to follow the man, who was holding the child by the hand and walking down Vermont Avenue NW.

The manager of the store went up to the boy and asked if he was all right, Thornton said, and the boy told the manager, "Yeah." Thornton said the man and the boy continued walking and she called police.

She said her boss, the McDonald's manager, continued following the man and child as the two went into a building along Vermont Avenue, into the Madison National Bank and then into Scholl's Cafeteria before the man and boy went into McPherson Park and the police arrived.

Officer B. H. Center, of the second district, saw the child seated on a park bench and then arrested Flood, who was running through the park, police said.