Leaders of the nine European Common Market nations issued a joint statement today insisting that a Middle East peace include a Palestinian "homeland" as well as secure borders for Israel.

The statement, issued after the first day of a two-day summit meeting of Common Market countries, also called for Palestinian participation in future Middle East negotiations "in an appropriate manner to be worked out in consultation between all the parties concerned."

This echoed President Carter's repeated declarations of the importance of a homeland for Palestinian refugees as part of an overall settlement.

It was seen as a warning to Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin that the Market countries disapprove of his tough stand on a settlement.

Previously the nine have said merely that expression of a national identify for the Palestinians "could involve a territorial basis."

Israel and its supporters in the United States have objected to the use of the word "homeland."

The European leaders also called for urgent resumption of peace negotiations and offered to have the Common Market join in guaranteeing a peace through the United Nations.

Another item on the council's agenda was to boost the community's agenda was how to boost the community's economy and, without worsening inflations, bring down its total unemployment, which stands at about 5.2 million.

In particular, the members were concerned with the wave of people leaving school, who are expected to swell the ranks of the unemployed.

Proposals were also studied on how to quicken the pace of industrial investment, including possible measures through the European Investment Bank and through an international bond issue of more than $1 billion.