Egyptian President Anwar Sadat said yesterday that Egypt would be willing to establish diplomatic and trade relations with Israel five years after a Middle East peace treaty is signed.

It was the first time Sadat has mentioned a timetable for setting up relations with the Jewish state.

He made the comment in talks with a delegation of American congressmen visiting the Egyptian city of Alexandria.

Sadat also said that Egypt will not end its state of war with Israel until the last Israeli soldier has left occupied Arab land, and he asked that the United States supply weapons to help Egypt defend itself against Soviet infiltration in Africa.

In Beirut, Bassan Abu Sharif, a spokesman for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, said that any Arab leader who signs a treaty recognizing Israel will be assassinated. "No one would escape the death sentence," he said in an interview.

The Palestine Liberation Organization, meanwhile, rejected President Carter's statement that a Palestinian homeland established by a Middle East settlement should be tied to Jordan.

"We insist on a 100 per cent independent Palestinian, state on every yard of Palestinian soil freed from Israel," a PLO spokesman said in Berut.