In 1965, some 30 million person in the Northeast lost electric power for an average of 12 hours. The affected area some 30,000 square miles included New York City, most of New York state, Connecticut, parts of Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine.

Wednesday's blackout hit only New York City and surburban Westchester County. Some 9 million customers of Consolidated Edison lost their electricity for 15 hours or more. About a quarter were still without power after 19 hours.

The 1965 blackout came at about 5:25 on a cool November evening Wednesday's failure struck at 9:34 on a hot humid night.

A failure of an interconnect relay system near canada complicated by some switching prob- problems caused the 1965 power failure. Wednesday it was a series of electrical storms that damaged transmission lines and destroyed at least one transformer that brought on the blackout.

In 1965 there was almost no looting New York City. Police reported only 11 burglaries for the night and 132 store windows knocked out most bi individuals stumbling around in the dark, Only six policemen were injured all by motorists.

Wednesday night there was widespread looting in several areas of the city. More than 3,000 persons were arrested and 78 police officers were reported iinjured one from a gunshot.