The president of the Basques in exile said after a weekend meeting in Tours, France, that "perhaps it is time to end the violence and go into negotiations" with the Spanish government.

Jesu-Maria de Leizola spoke after meeting with the president of another Spanish exile separatist group, Jose Taradellas of Catalonia.

Referring to Catalonia, which has a separate regional status, de Leizaola told reporters on Saturday: "We will see what Catalonia does. That will guide us perhaps."

Meanwhile, the Spanish government freed a convicted Catalan anarchist yesterday in its continuing effort to offset Communist and Basque calls for a blanket amnesty. In recent months, about 40 Basque guerrillas have been freed.

Catalan Jose Luis Pons Llobet was freed in Cartagena, the southern port where he was serving a 30-year sentence for bank robbery and anarchist activity in 1974.

Separatist and amnesty issues are among the major problems facing Spain's first democratically elected Parliament in 40 years, to be inaugurated by King Juan Carlos on Friday.

Basques elected from the four northern provinces where they predominate have formed a parliamentary bloc calling for autonomy. With the plitical tolerance brought on following the death of Generalissimo Francisco Franco in 1975, leadership of the Basques has shifted from the exile groups in France to Spain and it was not clear how much influence de Leizoala wields.